Tuesday, February 16, 2010

People who make you want to take pictures...

Quick little note for anyone who wants to get photographically inspired the way I do check out these three guys websites and blogs……

1.Dom Bower

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/dombower
He is really good at explaining different techniques , and reviewing different products.

2. Chase Jarvis
Website: http://www.chasejarvis.com/#p=-1&a=0&at=0
Blog: http://blog.chasejarvis.com/blog/
Chase is an AMAZING photographer in Seattle. His blog has amazing how to videos and behind the seens looks at his shoots.

3. Joe McNally
Website: http://portfolio.joemcnally.com/#p=-1&a=0&at=0
Blog: http://www.joemcnally.com/blog/
Super talented National Geographic photographer.

All three of these men are very very good at what they do. Each is very different from the next but every time I look at their updates I can always take something away from them…..

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