Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Before I forget and a the memory is lost forever I thought I should tell everyone about the crazy rogue wave that happened at last weekend’s surf contest in Half Moon bay.
     Like I had said in my earlier post about the contest I went with my wife and two of my good friends. We stayed up on the bluff for the majority of the morning until my wife Keri and one of my friends Jacob Mullin decided they were hungry and would go in search for some food for all of us.
    The two of them walked down the bluff to the lower beach where the officials were announcing the competition to buy food from one of the two stalls around the area. As they were walking up to the food area near the wave brake on the lower beach they noticed that the people walking past them were soaked and covered in sand. Both though it was very odd that people would be that stupid as to go anywhere close to the wave that were by now getting close to 50ft. They kept walking till they reached the food court and both ordered their food. Jacob had just received his cheese steak and was turning to Keri to tell her he was going to go look for ketchup when the first of two HUGE waves broke over the retaining wall that about 50 people were either standing on or just behind. Both Keri and Jacob were within the danger area (about 30 feet from the wall). Jacob snapped into superman mode and was able to carry his food, grab Keri, and snap a picture in all of 2 or 3 seconds. 
       Both made it out unharmed and relived the story to both me and our other friend Chris when they got back. The image that Jake had snapped was astonishing. It captured everything that is dangerous about rouge waves. People had no idea what was going on….. totally caught off guard.
     Later that night Jacob sent it into NBC and within five min they called him back not only setting up a video interview in our house but putting his amazing picture up on their home page!

  Jacob being the magic man he is put on a great show for the camera and had us all laughing very hard. The moral of this story is when you are at a surf contest where the waves are around 50ft…. NEVER TURN YOU BACK ON THE WATER!

Here is Jake watching himself on tv later that night ... :)

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