Saturday, May 7, 2011

What happened to my brother...

They have lifted Kyles sedation! He is awake, but a little out of it. He even sat in a chair! He can't talk, but he tries to mouth words to us. The nurse says he probably won't remember any of his stay in this ward (even tho he's awake now), but it's nice to see to know he's back :) Thank you EVERYONE for your prays and well wishes. 

Original Post:

So I want to start out by saying that the amount of love and well wishes my family has received in the last week after kyle's accident has been so humbling and I am eternally grateful to all of you for that. I know it meant a lot to me and the rest of the Rannachan clan, so from the bottom of our hearts... thank you and we love you.

So the main question I am getting is what exactly happened to Kyle so I will do my best to answer that and show you some images I took over the last couple days. I found that staying behind my camera almost helped me cope with exactly what was going on on the other side of my lens... I am in a way better place now then I was a couple of days ago and I am very confident my very brave, strong and persevering little brother will live probably longer than I will. Making a full recovery and continuing on the adventure of the life he has started with his very devoted and dedicated girlfriend Amanda (Kyle when you're awake and reading this you better marry that woman... she is a rock and probably the only woman in the world that can deal with you ... and you KNOW it :).

On Tuesday May 3rd 2011,
    Kyle is done with his second to last final of college and decided to go out and celebrate with his friends and drags Amanda along after she has had a long day at work. Reluctant she goes because she knows how much Kyle loves to jet ski and do anything adventurous for that matter. They get to a friend's house where two jet skis are taken out and played with for a time. Kyle decided he would like to take a turn being pulled on a inner tube behind one of the jet skis. So the two skis head out with Kyle attached behind one. At one point in their time out the ski pulling Kyle makes a sharp right hand turn and without warning comes to a complete stop because of a  unseen sand bar that the three had come up on. Kyle's tube was all of a sudden catapulted around the stuck jet ski directly into the oncoming jet ski from the other side. The force of the impact was not immediately known but as the boys would soon find out Kyle's life would hang in the balance of what the two of them would do next. Garret one of the drivers had been taking courses to become an EMT and jumped into action flipping kyles body that was face down in the water over hitting him in the back causing him to spark to life and spit the water that was in his airway out. While Garret was doing this he yelled at the other driver, Gordon, to race back and call 911. Gorden did and by the time the boys had brought Kyle back to the dock the emergency services were just pulling up. Kyle was quickly strapped up and taken off to Halifax Medical Center, where he was rushed into an emergency surgery for his internal injures. The surgeon would later say that Kyle's chest injuries were the worst he had EVER seen, his ribs had been broken in 20-30 places and because of that they were forced to remove part of his left lung. He had also broken two bones in his neck.

Kyle made it through the sugery and was taken into the ICU to begin his long battle to recover from his injuries. During all this Amanda had managed to get in contact with me and had been told by the staff at the hospital that Kyle's family needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible. So I had to make maybe the most painful phone call anyone can make to my mother to inform her that the doctors did not think her son and my little brother was going to make it through the night. Needless to say I struggled though it and before I know it Keri and I were on a plane headed for Daytona to be with Kyle. Soon all the family was together and to our relief Kyle was right there with us.... Although in a medically induced coma because of the extreme pain his body would be in if he woke up. Over the next three days we sat with him whenever they would let us in and watched as the very professional staff stabilized my brother. Kyle's friends were always there every step of the way and we were never alone in the waiting room. And by the staggering amount of well wishing e-mail and facebook messages we all got you can see just how much my brother means to everyone. 

So as we stand now Kyle is still in the ICU at Halifax Medical Center and will probably remain there for the next week or until he is able to be taken off the numerous machines that are keeping him stable. He will then most likely remain in the hospital for at least a month they are telling us. His body has a huge amount of healing to do and he is in no way completley out of the woods yet. SO continued prayers and good thoughts are very much appreciated.
On the plane to see kyle...
Hard to look at... 
Standing by ... we love you kyle.. 
Where I would normally find Dad...
Mom on the one of a million calls we had to take... 
A breath of fresh air, did us all good... 
Lals got there... :)
Kyles Hospital.. 
The prayer group Amanda arranged...
Your very loved little bro... :) 
Leaving for now... see you very soon...



  1. Euan, thank you so much for sharing with all of us. Please know you, your family and especially Kyle have been in our prayers constantly. Even Ethan and Lucas have been praying for him.God is so faithful and we are very thankful that Kyle is on the mend. You are an amazing brother and I know your love and strength are aiding in Kyle's recovery. Steve and I are here for you always. If you need anything at all please do not hesitate. We will keep Kyle in our prayers daily. We love you guys

  2. Love it. You did a really great job capturing the emotion as well.

  3. Way to go man, thanks for the whole story!!! I'll pass this on....

  4. Thanks for all the updates, Euan. Helps us know how to pray.

  5. I am so thankful your brother is on the way to recovery! I can feel the love through your posts Euan and please know my prayers are with your brother and your family.

  6. We are looking atkyle and realize he has gone from huge warrior with swollen body now to ROCKET MAN! And think it's gonna be a long long. Time til touch down brings me back to earth to find I'm not the man they think I am at all I'm a rocket man burning out my fuse up here alone. Kyle has astronaut outfit on with all the wires. Jessica. God will do it

  7. Rannachans,
    Kyle is taking a long journey somewhere, and we know God will bring his feet back on Earth, firmly. He will be ready to fly again very soon, like a warrior.

  8. Euan ... thank you for filling us in on all the details of what has happened and where Kyle is at the moment ... I will keep your brother, you and Keri, Amanda, and all of your family in our thoughts and prayers ... with your brothers' adventurous spirit, I must believe he is unconsciously fighting his way through this, his most challenging adventure ... one day soon, he will open his eyes and smile ... wondering what all the fuss is about ...

  9. Dear Euan,
    Love from England: Barbara, Bolton and Gary Browne in the New Forest! Your photo diary is perfect and very helpful to everyone. Keep up the good work. Don't forget to get some photos of the nurses and doctors who attend Kyle. He'll surely want to remember them when he comes around.

    Prayers and Love from us all.


  10. Ken and Nija send all our prayers to Kyles speedy recovery.
    God Bless the Rannachan Family

  11. Best wishes to Kyle and family from Emmet Hudson.

  12. Wishing Kyle. a speedy recovery....our prayers are with you and your family....Hang in there dude...

    Vishnu Pandohie and Family.

  13. Whenever one is effected it effects us all. Thank you for the eloquent update. You can be sure that we who love and know you and Keri at Valley are in prayer. God is present. His good will is manifest, will be manifest in tender mercies.
    Deepest wishes of consolation and anticipation.
    Deborah Knott Walker

  14. Euan,
    Thank you for your updates. Kyle is a very strong person. We are all thinking about you guys. We send you our love.
    Jess & Jackson

  15. Euan -
    very heartbreaking and I sincerely hope your brother pulls through this tough time to make a full recovery. my best to and your family. - Noel

  16. Our thoughts and hearts are with you Kyle and family. David Adamson

  17. Euan thank you so much for this it is heart breaking yet inspiring at the same time. We have a great God who can do all things so we are praying for Kyle and all the family. With much love from Kirstie - Reading UK

  18. Hello, you don't know me, but a few of your brother's friends may remember a smallish blonde girl from the fire department that responded to your brother's accident. I'd like to thank you for posting this extensive update, though it of course wasn't for my benefit, this eases my soul more than I can say. You already know this, but your little brother is an extremely strong young man. I wanted with everything in me to find his injuries recoverable, but my job doesn't usually take me that far down the road. I am so glad to hear he is well on the way to recovery. I apologize for intruding on your family's privacy in any way but I had to try and find some sort of closure if you will. Again I am very glad for Kyle's improving condition and I wish your family the best, you all are in my thoughts and prayers.

  19. Well Smallish blond girl I cannot thank you enough for helping to save my brothers life! If you want to go visit him I am sure my parents would love to thank you in person. Without the professionalism of many brave soles that day I would not have one of my best friends still in the world... and for that I am eternally grateful.

    As of yesterday Kyle breathed on his own without ventilator support for 2 hours! He looks great, hopefully a couple more days til he's awake with us :) they lifted his sedation for a bit and he responded.

  20. You Have One Very Brave and Curageous Brother Euan, Mine and Our Family's thoughts are with you guys for his speedy recovery. It looks like he has one Heck of a support group. This has made him strong to pull thru this I know. Prayers are going your Way.

  21. I haven't seen Kyle in years, but I'm praying for him right now at my kitchen table.

    From the perspective of a little brother, you're doing a great job Euan. Kyle needs you. Keep it up!

  22. Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers. I know god heard them all n breathed knew life into me. I should b fully recovered in the next few months. Thank u Euan for everything, I I'm blessed to have a bro like u.