Thursday, March 4, 2010

New camera strap....

    Today I went to Camera West after my mishap last night with my flash to get a use model they had on sale. While I was there I looked for a camera strap that I have wanted to replace my d700's stock strap. The strap on the 700 is great don't get me wrong but I think it attracts to much unwanted attention most of the time.  
       I talked with the friendly staff there and was shown a couple different straps. Finally decided to go with the blackrapid RS-4 camera strap. This thing is SWEET! Have you ever been taking a picture with your SLR or anything really with straps that connect to the side and have to continually move the straps out of your way to frame the picture as you want... It happens to me all the time especially when I am shooting weddings. This strap connect to the bottom of your camera where the tripod hole has been drilled. So the camera hangs upside down when you have it loose on your body. This sounded strange to me at first but I can assure you after fitting it to my 700 it felt somehow  more natural then the factory strap.

       Another key feature is the attachment itself. Not only can the camera completely turn 360 around and not tangle thanks to the clasp it can also be quickly removed if need be from  the mini almost carabiner like clip on the end. Screwing it on and completely off is a breeze for anytime you want to mount your camera on your tripod. 
    On the strap itself you will find a convenient little zipper pouch that could hold memory cards or something that size if need be. The strap is extremely comfortable and easy to adjust it  will be a joy to walk around with on my neck for hours at a time now. 
      The only drawback I could find with the strap was the fact that you could not set the camera flat on a table... this at first was almost a deal barker until I actually put it on my camera and felt just how comfortable everything else was with it on.  Not being able to set it down on its bottom is a drag but in the end the amount of pro's that I could find for it way out numbered that one quam. 
   In the end I would defiantly recommend this strap to anyone who works with their camera for long periods of time. I can totally tell it was designed by a photographer who one day just got completely sick of always moving his straps and his neck hurting.

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