Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What does it take to produce good pictures?....

A lot of people are under a crazy misconception that in order to take fantastic photos or to call yourself a photographer you need the biggest and best of everything. And a simple point-and-shoot camera will just not be good enough. Some people feel so strongly about this that they will go as far as to tell you your not a photographer and discredit your work to your face without even seeing it first just because of the gear your holding….. Now don’t get me wrong of course it helps to have nice gear and yes with the right tool in your hand you can make a ok picture into an amazing one. But the key to the sentence was “in YOUR hands” when it all comes down to it, it’s just you and the subject you are taking the photograph of. Its your job as a “photographer” to do that object justice in the best way you can. That does not mean you always have to make the picture look exactly like your subject but instead some of your images should show the life and mood of what your shooting. Change your angles, change your focal distance, change your color. Use your camera as a tool of expression like a paintbrush not as the object with which you can only make a stale boarding image. Take the creativity back and express yourself through your images. Doing that will make them come to life and you will be surprised just how much of you will show up in the images you take. Like I said earlier it’s not about what you take the picture with as much as how you take it. Even if your rocking a point and shoot GET OUT THERE AND TAKE SOME PICTUREs. I am willing to bet that all of you who are reading this post have a cell phone  and on that cell phone there is I am also willing to bet a camera… right? Don’t think of this as just a fun thing to use when you are at a party or want to make a caller ID picture… USE IT. One of my favorite photographers Chase Jarvis says he uses his iphone to take anywhere from 200-500 images a DAY sometimes. It’s a great tool that can help you get inspired and keep your mind going…..One of the most important things you should always remember is to not be discouraged if your photos on your camera or even your phone are not turning out the way you want. Keep taking them I promise if you are able to come close to the amount Chase Jarvis does you will be an amazing photographer in no time….
Check this link it has images taken just with a cell phone:

  These two image I took with my phone and adjusted the color a bit in photoshop….

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