Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Orange High Dive....

Ok so tonight I thought I would keep my experiments going. I would stick to objects interacting with water but this time underneath the surface. I wanted to pick something that was colorful that would pick up a lot of beautiful colors on the bubbles. I walked into the kitchen and the first thing that caught my eye was a half sliced orange on the counter... BINGO! So it was out to the garage to play with my toys :)
      Here was my ending setup ... believe me there was a lot of trial and error...

Thank god the pictures were better looking .....








I need more ideas on things to drop in... any Ideas?? 


  1. ummm insane!! love it!!! great for kitchen decor if you ask me!!!

  2. Thanks Erica I thing your right about the kitchen decor...

  3. know what would be neat? a photo mosaic/collage of all different type of fruit falling into water...like 3 panels: ie) {orange sliver} {strawberry} {kiwi}

  4. I will try that next time i do this. Now I know how to it will be fun to play around with it.

  5. Great shots - maybe drop fruit into different liquids/beverages? Lime into tequila, orange into beer, cherry into soda, etc.

    ~ Ohai

  6. OOO Good thinking guys I like those. The cookie into milk would be rad....