Friday, February 19, 2010

And a baby makes three & team up!

           Last week I teamed up with a very talented cook now turned blogger to start what looks like the beginning of a very tasty side project. Lisa-Maree Wallace is an aspiring cook and her new blog endeavors will give talented people like herself the creative push they need to do what they have always wanted to try in cooking. As I would like to think I inspire people to be creative with photography,  I am sure with the passion that Lisa talks about and cooks her food will only translate into an amazing blog and from there who knows.... Lisa asked me if I would be interested in taking pictures of her food when she was done for her blog. I was more than happy to offer up my services but I am not going to lie the thought that I might get to also eat some of what I was shoot definitely help me become as excited about the project as she was :) I just finished touching up the images and sent them off to her to build her page.... here is what she came up with!!! AMAZING        Click here to see Lisa's food in action!!

Everyone should follow her blog for more amazing cooking updates... next time I am hoping for some Irish car bomb cup cakes... ya that's right you did hear me right :)



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